Flame Fatale

A breathtaking spectacular. This show blends the multiple disciplines of fire

performance to captivate and entrance audiences.

This sultry duo use high impact music to which they perform tightly choreographed dance routines displaying their mastery of body burning, fire eating, flame blowers, fire staffs, fire poi, fire fans, fire snakes, flaming skipping ropes and angle grinding.


The act begins with the artistes running flames across their flesh after which

they devour them. It builds to a scorching climax with the flaming rope firestorm.


Flame Fatale are always keen to understand a client’s needs. By varying the running time, performance space required or even the size and ferocity of the flames. Flame Fatale can adapt the show to suit a variety of venues, events or



Technical and safety specifications, available on request.


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Tel:     07801 736 787 / 07846 402 579
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