The Inflate-a-Belles

Charming and highly skilled, the Inflate-a-Belles are a balloon twisting force to be reckoned with. From delicate jewellery and bespoke costuming to their very own signature designs, they are guaranteed to bedazzle you with their brilliant balloons.


Flamboyant and mischievous, the Inflate-a-Belles bring an exciting spectacle to any event, and leave a long lasting impression wherever they go!


Best booked in a group for high impact and maximum coverage, this act entertains with 2-6 balloon artists at a time.


The Balloon Boutique


In addition to the Belles usual balloon modelling antics, they can provide their totally unique Pop up Balloon Boutique!


This is a fabulous balloon makeover station with a Hollywood mirror and glamorous balloon stylists who dress people up in fantastic balloon creations, ranging from Carmen Miranda headdresses and Rasta hats, to fascinators and colourful accessories.


Full of fun, they make the guests the stars of the night!


All the performers are London based and available for travel around the globe. Perfect for corporate events, weddings, masquerades and more...


Welcome to the wonderful world of wearable Balloon Fashion…..


The Inflate-a-Belles have worked alongside some of the top fashionistas and photographers, creating irresistible, inflatable Haute Couture.


These exquisite tailor-made creations range from the totally flamboyant and extravagant, to the most detailed and delicate designs. 


Let your imaginations run wild as the Belles create a whole world of wearable balloon delights.


Add the Inflate-a-Belles unique, dramatic and eye catching va-va-voom to your fashion shoot, party or special event.

Belles Balloon Haute Couture
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Tel:     07801 736 787 / 07846 402 579
Circus Entertainment for London, UK and Worldwide